Don't pick your nose.

I am learning Spanish.

That's classified information.

You nearly died.


I know this is difficult for you.


I regret that this all happened.


They simply can't just take the risk.

Never again.

We get together once a year.


Farmer Jones, however, had the misfortune to have a wife who, before she was Mrs Jones, was very fond of drink.


It was tragic.

Which of you was here first?

You will speak Swedish.

I'll go to Matthieu.

Come get some.

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They made Juliet an offer.

Musa is an interesting guy.

Miek can't do it alone.

But when all is said and done, they have one thing in common.

It is generally believed that a trip to the moon will be made possible during this century.

Sandy is a murderer.

Russell should have known better than to trust Anderson.

School begins on April the tenth.

Fear has magnifying eyes.


The story ends with his death.


I showed these postcards to my friends.

Betsy was the only one who knew where Earl was.

Can you see what to do next?

How can you pick just one?

I can be your best friend.

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I couldn't do this all alone.

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Ami denied being Seth's daughter.

I've never been fishing.

I finally received the call I had been waiting for for weeks.

Blondes aren't dumb.

There was nothing left in the refrigerator.

I hope this never happens again.

I know what Emily did to them.

I ate a banana wrapped in edible rice paper and caramel.

The austerity measures that many city governments have implemented are hugely unpopular.

Jerald wrung out the towel and hung it up to dry.

Who resigned?


Rolfe grows all the vegetables he eats.

You're supposed to call her.

May it go well for you.

Don't you understand what's at stake here?

There is no room for further improvement in this system.

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Cows are anything but bright.

I'm a dog.

All lizards can lay eggs.

I don't believe in karma.

Father bought me a new bike.

Look around you, James.

I have a few things to do.

We are not hypocrites in our sleep.

Prices are lower in Kobe.


It was really quite exciting.


Ricky appreciates it when Old comes to visit him in the hospital.

If you cheat on me again, I definitely won't forgive you.

I don't understand the plan at all.

It was not until yesterday that I knew it.

It's my brother's.

I do sympathize with you.

I went to the shop.


I'd like to ask a favor.


Man lives in communities such as cities and countries.

I think I mistakenly said it was Lana when it was actually Mwa that did that.

Why did you tell him?

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When angry, count to four. When very angry, swear.

I understand everything now and I regret that Nathan is not here with me now.

Dylan is going to make a good father.


The curtains were drawn slowly.

Hui is a bit strapped for money.

Guess how much that cost me.

Deb looked down at his glass and saw that it was empty.

My father helped me out of my financial difficulties.

I wouldn't know where to start.

Is that Axel's car?

I saw Matthew yesterday.

I almost kissed her.


Whether rains or not, the game is going to be held.

Can Tatoeba help you to learn foreign languages?

The quiet cat caught the mouse.

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I knew Ning might be right about that.

You reached your goal.

The other leaned against a tree hard by.

What kind of work will you do?

Cookie was raised by Kate.


I have no face to turn to.


Where have you been all this time?

I didn't believe him at all.

Why doesn't she kiss me anymore?


The mission of Apollo 13, though, was a near disaster as an explosion damaged the craft on the way to the Moon. The mission had to be aborted and re-entry was achieved only with great difficulty.

Who is the woman?

Few people expected Beckie to win.

The movie rights to a successful novel is easy money for the writer of the novel.

Bob was born in the same year as you.

Do you want to talk to me?

Saad said to say hello.

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Jane feels responsible for what happened.


It would be nice to spend the summer in the mountains.

Clarence is the only one who knows how to do that.

You're single.


Britain established many colonies.


We have been here since three days.

I'm not selling you my car.

It has happened.

All that Claude knew was that Lin was lying.

This is difficult for them.

Lucy would often play the piano after dinner.

Don't take me seriously. I'm only joking.


Do you know what that was?

Drew seems to be untrustworthy.

Naomi has begun to learn French.


Don't ever look at me again.

You might want to reconsider.

Dani loves getting tied up.

The train is very crowded this evening.

I imagined my first kiss would be more romantic.

We have a huge job ahead of us.

Lum has got some bad news to tell you.

Tell him what happened.

We have to take care of our children.

Your cat is driving me crazy.

You'll lose time.

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Elric doesn't need to worry about that.

Give Caleb a break.

Paula was very rude to Daren.


I always play by the rules.

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They both died.

I'm a dog lover.

I'll try again.

Brad clenched the shovel.

I'll take this umbrella.

He seems to have left the country.

Do you know if Victoria and Jeremy have made up yet?


Your money or your life!


I see why Randall doesn't like Kaj.

What are we going to do next?

What animal would you compare yourself to?


Anatole is taking his final exam.


I hear everything you say.

I'm a policeman.

What passion cannot music raise and quell?

The eldest daughter suddenly screamed "I want candy."

This famous actress was also a fashion icon.

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Get off my porch.

An increased vaccination rate for children resulted in a concomitant decrease in communicable diseases.

How's your blog going?


Bob said he didn't know anything about the robbery.

"Oh, well..." thought Dima. "I suppose that I can't be picky at a time like this."

Can I get by the guard?

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Millie is hungry.

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To tell you the truth, I'm completely bored.


I don't have a radio in my room.

They're experiencing white water rafting on a class five river.

It is sad that so few people give money to help the hungry.

Potential flatmates should know the worst about each other.

However, that magic power is evil and is similar to Zeref in a way.